Transport aircraft Li-2: the history of one assembly 2

I note that the assembly of this model should be from the middle of the fuselage to its extremities. This is the author’s idea. And you shouldn’t violate this order. But I violated. But more on that later. In the meantime, we assembling the tail section.

This is our glue, which my son and I used to work. Glue, to be honest, is not very
good. Masters of the genre can even condemn us for such glue.

The only excuse is that the last model was glued together by me more than twenty years ago. And I was in the state of a “caveman suddenly found himself in a big city.”

Now I understand that I need a different glue. But let’s continue. It was so:
Here you can see my “tool arsenal”: two pairs of scissors, an aluminum knitting
needle. Behind the scenes were “fresh” new flat needle files (a very useful
thing!). An office knife with sharp blades. And a pair of steel rulers. Yes, I also
made a knife for round holes from the divaider. I sharpened one of his needles like
a flat blade.

Well, I had a bit of “equipment” additional: from the old days I kept have a drill
engraver and small drilling machine.

To be continued…

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