Transport aircraft Li-2: the history of one assembly 4

Then I finally did what I did not have time then, in a past life. I did the wingtips and keel endings the way they always had to be done.

Such a piece of surrealism in the photo turned out. Namely, along the contour of the corresponding plane, I cut and glued a normal ending from two or three layers of cardboard and handled it with a flat needle file. Then, from the very edges of the tail wings tips and keel tip (already cut cleanly), I removed almost the entire bottom layer of paper by the same needle file, almost to the last layer with a colorful image.

As a result, these thin edges fit perfectly on the ending blanks placed inside the assembled planes. They formed a decent joint of sheets of upper and lower plating. It turned out voluminously and without completely non-scaled ends of the paper, as often happens. But, next time I will try to more accurately maintain the shape of the ends. This chance will still be presented to me on wings. Go ahead: the tail wings is mounted. Inside thr centerplane is cardboard spar.

Начался монтаж обшивки центроплана. Очень сложная операция ввиду большой поверхности склеивания. Пришлось склеивать поэтапно в несколько приёмов. Здесь видны грузики из пинцета и циркуля, которые держат обшивку на промежуточном этапе склеивания. Струбцина под хвостовой частью для того, что бы центроплан своей плоскостью лёг на стол.

Installation of the center section skin began. Very difficult operation due to the large bonding surface. I had to glue in stages in several steps. Here weights of tweezers and compasses are visible, which hold the skin at the intermediate gluing stage. A clamp under the tail so that the center wing with its plane lies on the table. Well, of course, I quickly assembled between the front of the right engine. On the one hand, eternal desire – and what will happen next? On the other hand, seeing the problematic connection and convergence of parts, I had to constantly run ahead so that the parts fit together without problems.

The construction has gone into a fever – there is already a lot of garbage! I don’t throw away trimming until the end of construction. I put them in a box and store them, even if there are long breaks in the construction of the model. This has already become a habbit, although this one arose after the banal loss of several parts along with discarded garbage ….

To be continued…

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