Summertime and the livin’ is easy


The trees bloomed very late in this year

I think you noticed I didn’t write any articles on my site during last week. The reason is summer. Many russians move to dacha in the summertime. I’m not an exception. It costs a lot of money to have a vacation on the warm sea or abroad. It is impossible now.  

Nature is life. In direct mean

So, people go to the dacha. What is it Russian dacha? It is a country house which people build by themselves. By their own hands.  

Water well has been cleared and it is giving us crystal water

As a result after about ten years of hard work you have a house where you can spend summer with your family. The house is laid on a piece of soil of 600 sq.m. (20×30 m). From these sites consist a dachas settlement, about two or three thousand houses, which is placed close to the railway as usual. That is a physical fact.

Flowers is a source of joy

There is a mental fact about dachas. The dacha is an illusion of freedom and private property. People can build how they want, grow gardens how they want and have a rest from the city and its troubles.  

Shower tray is no more complicated then model’s ship hull

Dacha upside down your life at all summer time. You are how you drop out from usual life and you forget to write on your site about card models news. Additionally you have a huge number of tasks to maintain dacha to make good life conditions.

Washroom is under construction

I should build shower cabin right now. We have no central water supply, we have only water well.

The dacha’s kids have already grown

You can now understand how important it is to be able to 3D modelling possibilities for dacha’s building. To build a water tower, to lay a pipeline is a trifle after you developed from scratch sail ship or big bomber WWII.  

This is apples from our garden

I will try to be on the wire. I don’t say goodbye. 

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