How did I get back to modeling

Work, household cares made me forget about my hobby for a while. At some point, I changed jobs and started working at home. I was making books.

By that time I already knew book layout and photo editing programs. And I have been familiar with CAD programs for a long time. Ever since I was an engineer.

Once, I with my little son, I came across old magazines “Maly” at home. The son saw bright covers with airplanes and ships and was very interested. Then we began to build a Li-2 transport aircraft.

The cover of my first model’s magazine

Then another idea came up. The son drew an armored car. Having looked at the drawing, I suggested that he make a model from this drawing. He agreed and we started work.

Render of the first magazine’s model. It had been made in Bryce 7

We made drawings, and then we began to build together. When the armored car was built, I decided to try to make a magazine. In memory of the legendary magazine “Maly Modelarz” from my childhood. I made a magazine based on his motives. In deference to this publishing house.

That’s what happened. I had no color printer that time.

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