Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Hello. The trees bloomed very late in this year I think you noticed I didn’t write any articles on my site during last week. The reason is …
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The aircraft began to be developed in the late 50s. It was the first Soviet triangular-wing supersonic fighter jet. Its design was all-metal with a …
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Polish plane LWD Szpak-2

After the end of WW2 fightings, in Lublin a group of designers led by engineer Tadeusz Soltyk began developing a project for a light multi-purpose …
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How did I get back to modeling

Work, household cares made me forget about my hobby for a while. At some point, I changed jobs and started working at home. I was …
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T-34-85 – Soviet middle tank

T-34-85 – Soviet middle tank of the Second World War. The tank had been made operational in January, 1944. It was last updating of the …
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HMS Rodney

The year 1976 had come. I dreamed about that for the New Year holidays I wouldreceive my new Maly magazine. Then I would be able …
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