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Обращение к русскоязычным (Address to Russian-speaking people)

Приглашаю всех, кто владеет русским языком, посетить сайт Морское Дело и Телеграм-канал Морское Дело. Там я веду рассказ о том, как построить лодку для рыбалки, отдыха и даже для гонок. Добро пожаловать на сайт и Тг-канал Морское Дело. I invite everyone who reads Russian to visit the Morskoye Delo website and the Morskoye Delo Telegram […]


French Longboat Of The 18th Century 09

The next operation is to unfold the “planks” of the skin on a plane. By now, I have made many details. In order not to get confused by them, it is time to arrange the made parts in order on A4 sheets. The process is facilitated by the fact that for the opposite side of […]


Hello everybody!

This is Harry aka the Dane. I love to design paper models and then build them. This does not require expensive equipment and tools. Enough paper, a model rug, a ruler and a knife. And, of course imagination. I often have different ideas on how to make paper models more interesting and similar to objects.
In short, I invite everyone to model out of paper with me.

What will I do? Overview

Welcome to my website!

Here I talk you about my paper models, how I build them and what comes out of it. With the coming of computer programs for 3D modeling, as well as page maker programs, paper modeling has reached a completely new and very high level. Now anyone who wants can design a model, build it and publish a magazine to build a paper model.

My new understanding of the modeling process began from the moment when I first got acquainted with the 3D modeling program Blender. It was version 2.60. In Blender 2.79 I am working now.
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Artist Vladislav Zhdan

Part 1 The hero of my story was born in 1947. This is Vladislav Zhdan, a well-known ship modeler in Russia. He lives and works in Moscow. Today he is a recognized master of his craft. His models of old sailing ships are in demand in Russia and abroad. Vladislav’s childhood was usual for that […]

Nieuport 17

This is a well-known WWI aircraft that was widespread in the armies of the belligerent countries. In addition to France, Nieuport 17 was in service with Russia, Great Britain, Belgium and Italy. The aircraft was built according to a one-and-a-half-plane scheme, which was unusual for that time, with the lower wing of a reduced area. […]