French Longboat Of The 18th Century 09

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The next operation is to unfold the “planks” of the skin on a plane.

By now, I have made many details. In order not to get confused by them, it is time to arrange the made parts in order on A4 sheets.

The process is facilitated by the fact that for the opposite side of the longboat, the parts are made by mirror copying. That is, in fact, it is necessary to make a set of parts for only one side. For the second board, the parts are obtained automatically.

To control the printing of parts by your printer, it is convenient to apply vertical and horizontal rulers on the sheets with parts. After printing, you can check the dimensions of the printed parts. For important parts, you can place dimensions directly on the parts sheet.

After removing the hull from the slipway, it should look like this:

At this point, it will be necessary to accurately and precisely glue the deadwood (brown), keelson (yellow) and the sternpost knee (green).

To be continue…

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