Hydrofoil Mukha class corvette model, part 3

Let’s continue review of Mukha class corvette model assembling. In this part we see installation of small parts on the hull. Assembling hull supports goes parallel.   Sonar, splash guard in bow, bow thruster…
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Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Hello. I think you noticed I didn’t write any articles on my site during last week. The reason is summer. Many russians move to dacha in the summertime. I’m not an exception. It…
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Hydrofoil Mukha class corvette model, part 2

Installation of the bottom parts on the model frame continues. Small parts prepared for painting the ends. There are redans on the bottom. The process of assembling the bottom completed. To be continued…
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The aircraft began to be developed in the late 50s. It was the first Soviet triangular-wing supersonic fighter jet. Its design was all-metal with a mixed power scheme — carriers frames and skin.…
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Polish plane LWD Szpak-2

After the end of WW2 fightings, in Lublin a group of designers led by engineer Tadeusz Soltyk began developing a project for a light multi-purpose aircraft for the needs of the Ministry of…
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Application of wax on paper

During the construction of the French 18th-century longboat, after the assembly of the hull was completed, the question arose about its protection from dust and dirt. Varnishing was rejected because it was too…
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