Hydrofoil Mukha class corvette model, part 4

Review STORY

Today I continue a story about a very interesting assembling of colleague Filindr. I would like to remind you about his hydrofoil ship Mukha.

We stopped on assembling stern hydrofoils. It’s time to bow hydrofoils now.

To prevent a skew of hydrofoils it is needed to assemble it on a template.

Process of gluing of hydrofoils should be made with a special prepared base. To fix details it is to use rubber bands.

All small details connect to hydrofoils in this step.

Firstly assembling the whole hydrofoils. After that finished hydrofoils glue to the hull of the ship.

The next step is assembling a keel block for the ship.

Bow hydrofoils are ready and established on the hull.

Start assembling the propulsion complex of the ship now. It contains propellers and gear housings.

Propellers shafts made from toothpicks.

Propellers and gear housings are ready and installed in their places. 

To be continued.

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