HMS Rodney


The year 1976 had come. I dreamed about that for the New Year holidays I would
receive my new Maly magazine. Then I would be able to do my favorite thing for 2
whole weeks.

However, January passed, and then February passed. The magazine still hasn’t arrived. I was upset to think that someone had stolen the magazine from the mailbox.
March has come. On day I was returning from school and I looked sadly at my
mailbox, thinking that it was time for the February issue of Maly to appear.
And suddenly, I noticed the edge of the magazine in the slot in the mail box. I
recognized him instantly. I quickly got the magazine out of the mail box and I was

I was holding in my hands a double number. Under one cover was one large model. She was published in a double magazine. That’s why the magazine has been coming to me for so long.

It was the buttleship HMS Rodney. I was happy.

It was a very unusual ship. He had three gun turrets with giant cannons. All gun
turrets stood on the bow of the ship and had a very threatening appearance. English
shipbuilders again surprised the whole world.

During WWII battleship participated in many naval battles. Among them HMS Rodney took part in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck. However, immediately after the WW2, the battleship was withdrawn from Her Majesty’s fleet due to problems with the power plant.

HMS Rodney

I assembled the model for quite long time. Unfortunately, at that time there was no Internet and I could not consult with other modelers. So I assembled this model only under guide instruction from magazine and nothing more. I was soviet obedient boy.

As usual at that time, I came from school, then quickly had a lunch. And then, instead of completing homework from school, I turned on my old radio and tuned on the Voice of America on short waves and for the rest of the day, I was assembling the model until late at night. I was alone in the entire Universe. Me and my model.

And I really liked it. My Rodney have come with me through all life storms. He has a many wounds but he is still strong!

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