T-34-85 – Soviet middle tank


 T-34-85 — Soviet middle tank of the Second World War. The tank had been made operational in January 1944. It was last updating of the tank T-34. More powerful 85-mm a gun was established in the new three-seat turret. Despite increase of weight, the tank has kept mobility and maneuverability — important properties of the tank in combat.

In total was issued over 35 thousand tanks T-34-85, and together with the tank T-34-76, the general release has made about 70–80 thousand units. Officially tank T-34-85, was taken off from army of Russian Federation only in 1993.

After the war was ended T-34-85 in plenty’s was supplied in the states of Europe and Asia, where was used in wars, including Korean war and Six-day time war. T-34-85 today consists as arms in armies of some countries.

Model Т-34-85

This model was constructed by me in 1978. The Longest time took assemblage of chain-tracks, each part — separately. It was the real test. After that, the assembly of wheels has seemed by easy walk. It was my last model of my childhood. I could not soon return to my favorite occupation. The adult life began. I have matriculated in college, and time for paper modeling practically did not remain.

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