Assembling Caproni CA-311M, by Juan (pucara73)


Hello to all. I’m very glad to be able to tell the modeler community about one very good development. This is the first model of our colleague Juan (call sign pucara73 🙂 who is topic starter “The corner of my paper planes” in the Aviation subdivision. This model interested me because it had been developed and painted by hands, without using a 3D modeling program. In any way, model made accurately and it was nice and easy to assemble. So, let’s go. First of all I decided to save slightly. 🙂

I started with the central part of the fuselage. It needed to start with the nose part. I didn’t work with models for a long time and forgot the order of assembling a little.

It is better to cut out details by knife and template. When I was a student I drew my drawings in this way. There is another important moment. I mean the way of cutting. It is better to hold your knife slightly inclined to the outside when you cut. Then an edge of your detail will have an angle, which lets you make a tight joint with zero gap between connectable details.

Step by step the fuselage is complete and it has a tail.

On the second day of construction, the model showed a soul ….

It is very convenient to cut the wheels with a round chisel.

I made wheels with a drill.

I soldered the legs of the landing gear from wire from paper clips. Previously, I sawed the grooves in the racks with a file, so that the total diameter of the leg was the right size.

Never throw away used pencils. With their help, you can color a lot of models.

The model is ready with the exception of two parts. I don’t understand how to make fairing for machine gun at the root of the wing. It seems I tired. Day was long.

I liked the model. It’s easy to assemble it. This model is well suited for adolescents and beginners in paper modeling. In spite of the simplicity of design, the model looks very high quality. I would add more formers so that it is possible to make the shape of some details more accurate. I mean the front window of the cockpit and the shape of the wing in the area of ​​the engine nacelles.

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