Transport aircraft Li-2: the history of one assembly 6


  Along the way, it turned out that the scale of the model “slightly walks”. I finally understood this when it came to the wheels. Very small ones they were. I had to climb into I-net, look there for a book with a description of the aircraft and look for wheel diameters in it. Indeed, the wheels proposed in the magazine turned out to be “small”. I had to do new wheels. And at the same time, I made a new drawing of the knees and struts of the chassis.

In the meantime, the “aircraft engine plant” continued to operate:

A feature of the assembly was that the struts of the main chassis should be located in a very specific way with respect to the nacelles. And I had to invent a bunch of gaskets and linings so that, on the one hand, correctly install the racks in place, and on the other hand, make the chassis as strong as possible.

The result is such a unit. Photo rotated for a better view of the site.

I pasted the racks with 0.1 mm writing paper, wrapping a strip of appropriate width around the wire racks. I will cover them with gouache.

These are the front parts of the engines ready for test installation.

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