How to take a good shot of a paper model


It’s not good when the model is done well, and the photos are frankly bad. To fix this shortcoming, I want to start a conversation on the topic of paper models photographics. How to take a good picture of a model? Do I need an expensive camera for this? Or a secret in something else?

An excellently made model, but the picture is dark. There is not enough light and the model, as it were, went out ….

Photography is light’s painting – by definition. Thus, the decisive factor in this process is light! And this is a very important point, which many forget or do not take seriously. Even having a sophisticated camera, without good light, you can’t get anything intelligible. Conversely, having a weak camera on the phone, you can get decent pictures. Light is very important. Light and only light in the first place.

There is still not enough light, but another flaw appeared in the photo: the tip of the barrel fell out of the field of sharpness of the photograph ….

In my Shipyard, I have already begun to consider photography, and now I will continue. The sources of light has a complex structure, but if you wish, you can even adjust to the light of an ordinary bulb, which any decent photographer categorically rejects as a source of photo light.

It is especially difficult to shoot ship models: they categorically do not want to fit into a limited field of sharpness depth of the camera. What we see: the nose and stern of the model are have not sharpness ….

Another point is the setting of lighting. Usually we turn on a table lamp, the light of which falls on the model from above and try to photograph it. Here you need to put the camera aside and carefully look at the model from all sides. Set light from above, from the side, diagonally – from above, from the side. Light from behind. And you will see how, sometimes beyond recognition, the appearance of your creation is being transformed. An important role is also played by the number of light sources.

Look in the Internet, you will always find there information about the basic concepts of lighting in photography. Even this smallness will be enough to understand: a couple of light bulbs, arranged as it should, will completely reverse your ideas about shooting.

You know everything yourself, just, as usual, you need to start thinking in the right direction. And immediately the fountain of ideas will start working, which will open for you this wonderful world of light.

You should not neglect the achievements of modern softwares, in which almost any picture can be brought to a level above the average. I mean, first of all, Photoshop and his deputy – GIMP.

And how to assemble …

By the way, all three pictures ….

… one shot …

… were made with hands ….

… of the three?

… without a tripod.

The panorama is made in haste. In this case, this is just an example of the possibilities.
By the way, in the original, it has measures 9393 by 2989 pixels … ..

The summary is simple: the photograph on the table is a comprehensible science and it is worth spending a couple of days to understand its basics and start taking such photos that your model deserves. Of course, as in any business, photography is full of secrets and nuances. But, firstly, you are not going to become a pro (though, who knows in advance?), And secondly, shooting on the table is a very limited section of the photo. But, and he, of course, is very wide.

Be that as it may, all I can tell you is… keep putting one foot in front of the other, and the result of your research will immediately raise your models to unprecedented heights. So, respect for you and your paper models of colleagues will make you work even harder.

We will work. Success to you and until we meet again in the club of paper model photographers.

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