Airspeed AS.6 Envoy. New Project


Hello everyone.

My old idea to build some kind of airplane has finally started its embodiment.
I started a project to create a model of a twin-engine transport aircraft Airspeed AS.6 Envoy, England. I will not expand on the technical details of the aircraft. There is information about the plane on the network.

So, let’s get down to design consideration.
At the very beginning, there were still problems with Blender, the development of parts, their scaling and printing. Now these problems have been largely overcome, although some difficulties still remain.
I decided to start by designing the wing. Here’s what I’ve got.

These were the first sketches, still a little unconscious.
Then things moved faster.

The assembly of the model confidently went forward, as I had a practical understanding of how to assemble my structure.

Soon came an understanding of the shape of the aircraft, its individual parts. It turned out that In the wing the most difficult part to model was the wing tip.

Then it came to the model’s fuselage. It was easier here, as its shape allows it to be assembled like a ship’s hull.

Then there was a little battle with the engine nacelles and landing gears. Basically, it boiled down to the still insufficient skill in working in Blender *).

Well, at the end of the development, everything more or less worked out.

I want to clarify the idea right away, since a legitimate question may arise: Is it not simple? Yes, that’s right – my development is very simple. I did this on purpose, because going from simple to complex is easier and faster.

However, when some time went by I understood that the model is very simple and not interesting. I would like to do something more interesting and a little more complicated to make a model more like a real airplane.

This way I quickly understood that Blender software is the right way to reach my aim, to build a model with very good form and textured. Like Das Wohltemperierte Klavier (The well-tempered piano, if you know what I’m talking about) I conceived to make a well-textured paper model. Because a good-looking paper model must have good form and good texture. This is the main idea. I started searching for these two parts of a good paper model.

My Plant On The Desk (Plant OTD)

Welcome to my Avia On The Desk factory where I continue to searches of a good model.

*) The article had been wrote in 2015

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