French longboat of the 18th century 03

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As I already said, I managed to find a few more pictures with illustrations of the boat and its equipment.

I also managed to find pictures showing the equipment of the longboat of that time: a bucket, a lantern, a compass binnacle, oarlocks and an anchor-cat.

That’s all the information that I had at the time of the start of the modeling.

I must say that this was not my first model, which I developed myself from the very beginning. I already had experience in model development. I will talk about this another time.

My toolbox included FreeShip!, Acad 2000, InDesign and Photoshop.

I have been familiar with the Acad 2000 program for a long time. Back in the late 80s, when I was a young engineer. Then the first computers were used in production. I started with Acad 10.

Then there was Acad 12 and 14 and then Acad 2000. Later versions of that time did not contain significant and fundamental improvements. I have been working with Acad 2000 ever since. This is simple and sufficient for my humble purposes. For paper modeling, it is fine if you do not need to create complex curved shapes.

This is a boat which I had built for LenFilm movie firm production (Sankt-Peterburg, Russia) for a movie making “Агитбригада “Бей врага!” in 2006

For example, a couple of FreeShip and ACAD 2000 programs are enough to simulate sailing ships. In these programs, you can build the ship’s hull and all other parts: masts, yards, rigging, artillery, and so on.

InDesign and Photoshop are used to create assembly instructions, illustrations and issue this as a magazine.

To be continue…

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