French longboat of the 18th century 04

Development PLANT OTD

The work on the model began by correcting the picture, which replaced the lines plan for me. These kinds of pictures need to be checked. The different plans may not match. Therefore, it is necessary to make the appropriate changes.

After correcting the picture of the longboat, it can be placed into the design program for the longboat hull. This program is FreeShip! It is very similar to Netherlandic software “Delft”, only much older. It allows you to create a correct model of the longboat hull, which is consistent in plans. As in other 3D modeling programs, a picture with a model’s hull can be inserted into the program as a background, which can then be used to model the hull. Here’s what happens at this work step. The first approximation of this case looked like this:

After working on the coordination of the points of the hull plating in three projections, the hull became closer to the original.

This picture shows the colored spots in the bow of the longboat hull. These are the remaining “bad” spots on the skin. But, they are already so small that they will be invisible on the finished model. They can be neglected.

And here is what happened on the projection of the body.

Work on the hull continued and this is what I got next:

After that I found the remaining errors, fixed them and got the final version of the hull.

To be continue…

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