Transport aircraft Li-2: the history of one assembly 8

The tail wheel is the same. I made it turning. Here is the rear wheel plug along with the strut, although the original design is separate. But, this is a cardboard model and its complexity should be in balance with the simplicity of the cardboard technology genre as a whole. But, this is again a matter for discussion. How complex should be a cardboard model be?

Here is my “anvil,” which I have already mentioned. The fork was also annealed, flattened, drilled, wrapped in copper wire and soldered.

This is a tail wheel with a sleeve that has not yet been cut to size. Do you feel what was the heat of passion? Photos began to be highly artistic from the category of “imperishable”. 🙂 Or like this:

This can already be sent to the photographic contest ….

The tail wheel strut was wrapped glued with paper, then another tube was inserted into the corresponding diameter, which was glued into the fuselage. I made a rotary design.

In general, here are all the wheels:

The last pictures was taken by my boy. My son is growing, well done! I just little corrected the brightness-contrast.

That’s all for today. So far, there are a lot of other job and I can’t to get to the model. My son is waiting for the completion of the construction of the model, and I hope for a break in job wiil be. There is very little work left: two propellers and two wings …. And some more details need to be painted.

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