The birth of new technology: research yields results


The publication of the new issue of BNK-Modelist No. 1 magazine for December 2013 *) marked the beginning of a new technology in paper modeling. Let’s start in order.

As you know, paper models have one irreparable flaw, characteristic of all sheet materials that do not bend in two directions at the same time. The new technology for manufacturing the model from colored designer paper, dyed throughout the volume, can significantly improve the quality of the model. The right choice of prototype, where it’s easy to create a form using paper, as well as the use of good surface finish of the completed model, allows you to create a high-quality model.

Thus, the idea, which originated almost three years ago, has now found its embodiment. The experience of building an 18th-century French longboat confirmed the idea of ​​using colored paper in modeling. The technology itself was successfully applied at a developers’ competition, where all ideas were successfully tested and received the approval of colleagues.

What’s next? Next, you need to test a lot of ideas that arose in the process. New technology needs to be extended to other types of models. It is necessary to test this technology on aircraft models, because the aircraft has the most complex form.

Summing up the work done, we can confidently say: the new technology works and allows you to create high-quality models. I will cover further experiments with colored paper here on this site.

*) The article had been written in 2013.

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