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Welcome to my website!

Here I talk you about my paper models, how I build them and what comes out of it. With the coming of computer programs for 3D modeling, as well as page maker programs, paper modeling has reached a completely new and very high level. Now anyone who wants can design a model, build it and publish a magazine to build a paper model.

My new understanding of the modeling process began from the moment when I first got acquainted with the 3D modeling program Blender. It was version 2.60. In Blender 2.79 I am working now. I don’t want to upgrade to version 2.8. There are no noticeable advantages in modeling technical models, and there is no desire to retrain for a new interface. Moreover, the new Blender 2.8 and 2.9 require the purchase of a new, more modern computer. And this has become very expensive.

Studying the Blender program showed me the unlimited possibilities of this program in creating a models and they texturing. This will take your models to the next level. Models will acquire a realistic look, come close to their originals.

In this work, a very important role for me was played by the book of the Polish aircraft engineer Witold Jaworski, who wrote the best, in my opinion, book about modeling in Blender “Virtual Airplane”. I translated the Polish version of the book into Russian almost entirely. From this book I learned a lot how to work in Blender.

Now I want to put this knowledge into practice. For this I started developing the Airspeed AS-6J Envoy. When the model was almost completely ready, I realized that it turned out to be ordinary and not interesting. Then I thought that I needed to come up with a new technology for building a model out of paper. This is how my research into paper modeling technology began.

Here on the site I will conduct reviews of my modeling work, technology research, reviews of the construction of my models. Now I have to finish the plane. Then I want to develop a model of the destroyer HMS Defender. Ships are a very interesting direction in modeling, especially sailing ships. Probably the turn will reach the tanks. I do not know yet.

I will also try to talk about new interesting assemblies of models of other modelers. For example, I really liked the assembly of the battleship USS New Mexico (BB-40) published by Polish Shkutnik, as well as the assembly of the Mukha patrol class ship by Filindr.

I also want to pay respect of Maly, with whom I began to practice paper sculpting as a child.

Thus, such a set of topics on the site is formed: paper models news, modeling in Blender, developing and assembling models, technological research, reviews of models of other modelers. I’ll start like this, and then we’ll see. I will leave what will be of interest to the reader. What is not — I will delete.

Let’s build together!

Used photo from the site http://www.airplanes3d and http://www.konradus.com

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