French longboat of the 18th century

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Review of the history of construction 1

This story began about ten years ago and when I went to play football with my children and injured my leg. It happened at the very beginning of the summer. I could only walk with crutches. But I could sit at the table. Therefore, there was no question of what to do. There was a question – what to design and build.

Now I don’t remember how I got into the competition of modelers on one site with a bad reputation. But then I did not know about it and set to work.

The choice of a prototype for modeling from paper is very important and directly affects the final result. For paper modeling, it is necessary to choose models with a minimum proportion of double curvature surfaces, which are poorly obtained from paper. Even in spite of the skill of the modeler and the original unfold schemes.

For me, the question of choosing a prototype for the model was not difficult. I had noticed a model of an 18th century French longboat for a long time from the monograph of the French historian of shipbuilding Jean Pierre Paul Boudriot. This is a very beautiful boat on the one hand and is quite feasible for a modeler, since the volume of work is not very large. At least much less than when building a model sailing ship.

But, the most important thing is that the boat was built from planks, and this is a surface with a single curvature. I myself build boats from time to time

and building a paper boat from “paper planks” is not difficult for me. I decided to make a French longboat of the 18th century.

What was at my disposal? Just a few pictures. Here they are.

And what interesting I immediately understood that these pictures will be enough for building because I already worked with «FreeShip!» software.

To be continue…

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