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I recently remembered how my paper modeling started. At first, I thought it all started with a French barge in the summer of 2013. I mean my last coming on paper modeling, when I already had a son.

But, recently, the very first issue of my magazine caught my eye and I remembered that in fact it all began in 2010. That year, one day, my son and I sat and thought about what our next game would be. I saw his drawings and I told him: let’s build a model based on his drawing. We chose an armored car, which my son had drawn shortly before. Unfortunately, I can’t find the drawing itself. But the model made according to his drawing has survived. Today I will tell you about it.

At that time, I had been working in a book publishing house for several years and making books. I already knew how to work in the Adobe package, and before that, when I worked as an engineer, I mastered Acad. Therefore, it was not difficult for me to make a magazine. The main thing was to figure out what to model. And suddenly such a good idea: to make a model according to my son’s drawing.

I wanted him to see and understand how his drawing, made on a flat sheet of paper, would turn into a three-dimensional model. I was sure he would like it, and it would be helpful. In short, my son and I set to work. I showed him how to work in Acad. He was still small, but he understood something in the whole.

The result is a wonderful toy. My son played with his armored car and showed his model with pride to everyone who came to us.

I was pleased. We liked this work so much that we made two more models based on his drawings. They were a submarine and a tank. I will tell you about them next time.

You can download this model for free.

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