French longboat of the 18th century 08

Development PLANT OTD

In order to assemble frames with a cross-section of futtocks of about 1 mm, it is necessary to make special rigs combined with declivity boards. This will allow you to put the frames on the slipway in the required position and in length and, importantly, in height. Then, when the outer skin is installed, the hull will be sheared off the assembling rig. Standard procedure when building any boat with the keel up.
In real life, such boats were built in a normal position, like this:

But it is more convenient to model with the keel up: 

After much deliberation, a vision of a slipway appeared. It turned out to be simple and reliable. There are just a lot of parts. 🙂 

The “boards” of the hull plating turned out without any problems. I connected the corresponding points on the frames with smooth curves. It worked out well. I made the “boards” of the sheathing longer by a centimeter, so that after assembly it was possible to cut them off to size in place.

To be continue…

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