How long ago did you cut off your fingers the last time?

PLANT OTD Technology

Hello everyone!

As in any plant, a very important part of my Plant On The Desk is equipment and tools.

This is a whole big topic for conversation and discussion. They say that a good tool is half the battle.

I have conceived various equipment for my Plant. For interesting paper modeling, you need to have quite a lot of different devices in order to realize different interesting ideas.

However, I want to start with the simplest. I’ll start with a simple question: How long ago did you cut off your fingers the last time?

I am exaggerating, of course. But cutting off even the very tip of your finger is very unpleasant and annoying. This danger really exists because the modeler works a lot with a knife and a ruler. And this is where the danger lies. It is enough to put your fingers a little further on the ruler and you can cut yourself. This situation is especially likely at the end of the day, when you are tired and start to lose concentration.

So this happened to me. I cut off the tip of my finger. One millimeter. But, this was enough to get angry with himself and, then, come up with a simple device for the ruler to exclude such cases in the future. This device helps you to feel well the edge of the ruler, beyond which you should not place your fingers.

It’s very simple: I glued a strip of cardboard onto the ruler. It allows you to feel the ruler well with your fingers. And most importantly, it is convenient to work with a ruler and a knife, resting your fingers on this strip.

Now I won’t cut myself!

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