French longboat of the 18th century 06

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An important question is how thick to make “thin parts” – the futtocks of the frames? Do I need to increase their transverse dimensions in order to make them look better?

For “thin” frames, the section of upper futtocks is 1.0×1.25 mm …..
I began to make practical frames. It is necessary to determine their dimensions for the model.

Too small dimensions of the frames led me to the idea of making the entire frame in a special assembly rig. The assembly rig will hold the thin parts of the frame in place during assembly. After assembly, the assembly rig will be removed. The frame will remain in place. Here is the first version of the assembly rig with frame.

The first frame is ready! Slightly crooked. However, for testing an idea it will do.

Finally, after a lot of work, all the frames are ready!Rendering the finished parts or parts of the structure helps to represent their correspondence to the real prototype. And if you yourself were building a real boat, lining up the frames in a row, then it is easy to notice errors in the model. 

The outer contours of the frames look like a broken line. This is because the hull planking of the longboat will be assembled from flat planks. On each face of the frame there will be one plank of hull’s skin.

To be continue…

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