French longboat of the 18th century 07

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Now the next task is to make the stem, keel and sternpost. This is a simple operation, since the needed details can be easily obtained from their outline in the side projection.

Here’s what I have. In the bow of the hull, the frames rest on the stem and are covered from above with an apron.

Here are the final frames for assembling them on the slipway.

Now it is needed to figure out how to make an assembly slip in order to install frames on it and get the exact shape of the longboat hull as it was on drawings. Different ideas come up.

There are different ideas … which are very difficult to understand. 🙂 Here is a fragment of the drawing with all the frames.

Sometimes the drawing made me completely discouraged. I’m confused by the lines of the drawing!

But in the end I won! I unraveled all the drawing lines and got a set of frames ready for installation on the assembly place.

Here’s what happened in the end.

Here is …. happy end! 🙂

To be continue…

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