Airspeed AS.6 Envoy. New Project: Wing

Development PLANT OTD

Finally, I got to the wings. Their complex shape immediately drew a backlash from Blender. He began to “complain” about the large curvature and inadequate unfolding. I didn’t know what to do and continued development literally at random. Looking ahead, I will say that I had to try several variants of the wing design until I got an acceptable result.

Wrestling with the wings unexpectedly took a protracted form. This happened due to my poor knowledge of how to work with the mesh in the Blender. At the time, I had no idea at all about mesh topology and how it affects the shape of the unfolding.

If I put extra vertices or made extra cuts, the mesh seemed to be rubbery, stretched unpredictably and arbitrarily changed the size and shape of the unfolding. Then I decided to make a two-piece wing. The first part is all that wing that unfolds on a flat without any problems. The conical part that extends to the start of the leading and trailing edge rounding. And the curve edges of the wing will have to be investigated separately…

As a result, I made three variants of the wing design: a one-piece wing, a center section and a wing’s console, as well as a conical part of the wing, which unfolds onto a plane plus a rounded part of the wing and plus a wingtip. Which can be easily made like a chassis wheel – from a single piece of cardboard.

In the end, this is what happened.

It should be noted here that another important question arose during the development of the wing design. How to join the rounded edges of the wing skin, top and bottom half. To do this, I had to come up with a new technological technique. It consists in the fact that the joining of the edges of the skin of the rounded part of the wing is done on a special backing tube. Like that.

However, there are a few things that need to be done better. This is not the final version.

To be continue…

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