New version of my site


By the nature of my occupation, I was faced with the creation of sites. It was a very interesting experience. At first, I made sites on the CMS Joomla!

The first version of my site’s the header (about 2010)

A few years later, a new and very simple version of the CMS WordPress appeared, which had very attractive capabilities in creating the appearance of sites. I switched to WordPress. It was much easier and faster. And the level of design has grown so much that I could satisfy almost all my needs.

This is my PSG-Modeler’s forum. However, I have no time for forum moderation…

However, the first attempt to make a website on WordPress was considered unsatisfactory by me. The site looked rustic. Then I conceived a radical update of the site. I found a new theme for my site, and I had planned a new page design.

One of the projects of a main page of my site

The very important work was renew my site logo. It “translated” in English now. I think I managed to preserve the spirit of my old logo.

Two logos of my site  

And today I present to you for your judgment a new version of my site. I tried to make it the best I could. And you know, I like this version of the site better. I hope you enjoy it too, dear paper modelers.

Welcome to my website!

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