Copenhagen Ship Curves

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Almost every paper modeler’s toolbox includes a steel ruler and a model knife. With these tools, it is easy to make straight cuts in paper and cardboard.

What if you want to cut a part with a curved edge? You will use scissors. And if these are the skin planks of an old ship? The skin boards have long, curved contours and are very small in width. Cutting them out with scissors is not very convenient.

I thought and remembered that when I was studying at the shipbuilding institute, I drew shipbuilding draws. In working on them, I used a special set of shipbuilding curves. But those days are long gone. Today we have the Internet and CNC mill and laser cut machines.

I found on the Internet the same set of templates that I used in my student years. It’s called Copenhagen Ship curves. The original curves are very long. For my work, they had to be reduced. Moreover, the whole set is too big for my purposes. I have selected some curves that I needed.

On the computer, I made a small copy of the selected curves and received a very convenient set of my Copenhagen shipbuilding curves. They are very convenient for cutting long and smooth curves. For example, ship planking boards. When assembling a French longboat model, the templates will be of great help to you.

Here is the file from which I asked a friend of mine to make me my set of ship curves.

Try it, it’s a very handy and accurate tool.

You can do the same curves for yourself. Write to me and I will send you a file for cutting ship curves on a СNС machine.

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